My Experience

  • I started as a PHP-programmer in the late 1990ties. Along with my projects my programming skills developed, starting with simple out-of-the-box-scripts and ending with complex application designs based on object-orientated-programming (OOP)
  • since 2003 I have been working for kommzept, a small IT programming company. We have worked for small and bigger german companies (e.g. Deutsche Lufthansa, Zwilling, Provinzial) and non-profit organisations (Öko-Institut, Bundesministerium für Umwelt)
  • the projects I did range from business cards website to merchandise management systems, from single-page-applications to database-based workflow management for small entreprises
  • I have a wide-ranging experience and expertise with project management and conceptual design. Above that I have excellent communicational skills (german, english, dutch and un petit peu de français)

I work with...

  • PHP-Frameworks: Cake, Zend Framework (and others)
  • Databases: MySQL, PostGres, MsSQL
  • Languages: PHP5, HTML, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, XML
  • Content Management Systems: contao, joomla, drupal (and others)
  • Shop Systems: magento
  • Interface Protocols: SOAP, REST (and others)

Some References

Project management & workflow design: KNV

KNV is one of the largest logistic service provider for the german book trade. By buying a start up company (Zentrale Medien GmbH, a producer of e-books), KNV has also become a major player in the fast growing and highly competitive market of digital distribution. I was chief technical engineer for Zentrale Medien since 2005 as well as main developer and programmer for KNV's digital department since 2008. In these positions I was responsible for tackling all technical aspects of the e-book supply chain: production, stock management and distribution of e-books to various retailers (e.g. Amazon, Google, Apple). Additionally, I was responsible for coordinating the works of various freelancers working for KNV's digital department.

Responsibilities: conceptual design, project coordination and management, database design, programming, gui design


Multi-User-Systems: Cutlery & Insurances

  • Zwilling is a producer of cutlery. Their products are sold worldwide in specially designed shops or shop-in-shop-systems. To help local architects and store planners to find suitable solutions, I programmed an multi-user application systematizing and shaping the whole workflow from upload architectural plans to contracting local constructors.
  • Provinzial deals in insurances.To enable Provinzial Rheinland to handle the growing number of damage compensation cases, I programmed a protected web-application that starts with an incoming complaint and ends with confirming financial compensations. All parties involved (clients, brokers, insurance companies, Provinzial) can easily identify their tasks and manage single cases.

Responsibilities: database design, programming, gui design

ProService 01 ProService 02 ProService 03

Shop-Systems: Revierkönig

Revierkönig is top broker of unique lifestyle events, situated in the vibrant Ruhr area. To meet the needs of the diverse event providers of Revierkönig on the one hand and have a stable whilst developing environment on the other, I adapted the existing magento shop system and expanded it by several special extra moduls and functions.

Responsibilities: database modifications, programming

Revierkönig 01 Revierkönig 02

Education & Career

  • 1991: German university entrance qualification (“Abitur”)
  • 1991-1993: Civillian Service (“Zivildienst”)
  • 1993-2000: Studies of Social and Political Science in Bochum, Germany
  • 2000: German University Degree (cum laude) in Social and Political Science
  • 2001-2002: Lecturer of Political Science in Bochum, Germany and Cape Town, SA
  • since 2003: Fulltime programmer and co-owner of kommzept, an IT programming company in Bochum, Germany


  • 2007-2008: Course Choir Conducting in Utrecht
  • 2008-2011: Conductor of a Chamber Choir in Germany


  • Born in Hagen, Germany 08.06.1972
  • Lives in Rotterdam (since 2007)
  • Father of two boys, aged 6 months and 2 years
  • Further interests: listening to and playing music, reading and writing, watching and playing football, hiking